About Pencil and Hammer

PENCIL AND HAMMER was established in 2013 by graphic designer Jackie Bott. Formed out of a passion for art, colour, print and interior styling, Jackie’s abstract paintings form the basis of the Graphic prints and a huge collection of vintage ephemera is the constant inspiration behind the Retro prints. An ever expanding range of high quality art prints is currently complemented by greeting cards and gift tags however work is going on behind the scenes of the Auckland studio to expand the brand - so watch this space!


Where did the name Pencil and Hammer come from? 

There are two explanations.

One -The first tool used to design is a PENCIL and the last tool is a HAMMER to hang the art prints .

Two - The HAMMER and PENCIL birds first appear in Alice in Wonderland in Tulgey Wood, making signs for Alice that read "Don't step on the Mome Raths". They are later seen crying for Alice when she sings "Very Good Advice". They are not seen again after that.

So now you know.



As a graphic designer working for many years with U.K and NZ consultancies, Jackie has worked with countless recognisable premium brands and corporates. Her passion for art and vintage illustration was the impetus for Pencil and Hammer and when she is not finding inspiration for the next series of prints she enjoys painting large abstracts, getting beaten up at Karate and being a pom, is exited that Hula Hoops are now available in NZ.