About our art prints


What are giclee or digital art prints?

The terms “giclee” and “digital art prints” are used interchangeably. 

Giclee" [pronounced zhee-clay] means “to squirt” in French , which is what an ink jet printer does when it creates an image onto paper. They are created on top quality archival paper and inks using a high-end premium ink jet printer. Home, office and copy-shop inkjet printers use much cheaper inks and paper and are not suitable for production of giclee work.


What's the difference between digital and mass produced art prints and posters?

Many cheap (and not so cheap) prints and posters use poor quality paper and are produced in mass quantities, often in China. They only last a short time before they start to turn yellow and their colours fade away.

Pencil and Hammer prints are unique digital prints from original art designed by us. They are not mass produced reproductions of other artists work. The prints are carefully produced one at a time, resulting in a rich refined image of museum quality that with proper care will last a lifetime.


Care of my print

They will last for many years if treated well however if you hang them in direct sunlight they will eventually discolour and obviously if you hang them in a steamy bathroom they will get wet! Prints are fragile so handle as little as possible, and with care. The natural oils on our fingers can create marks and prints dent easily when handled, especially the larger ones. If unframed keep them in the packaging we sent them in and have them framed as soon as possible.