New nature inspired art prints for Autumn

07 March, 2015




I have always loved the smell of the bay tree leaves right outside the door of our studio and have finally got round to illustrating them for a series of prints. In addition to the inspiration from the bay we have seen lots of butterflies this year but they have rarely stayed still long enough to see all their colours. The visit is usually fleeting and we see them from the corner of our eye before they are gone far across the paddock. This made me think about how beautiful they would be even if they had just one single colour and decided to capture them in this way for our Flock of Butterflies prints. I hope you like them. 

We have just introduced a new blond wood frame as an addition to our black and white ones and we are in the process of adding this option to other prints that we feel with suit this colour. A blond wood frame is due at our framers in a couple of weeks so watch this space for details ........

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