There are no strict rules about displaying art but there is, however a mistake I see people make is hanging their art too high on wall. It just looks wrong! There are exceptions but generally you should aim to have the centre of the print at eye level or if you have a group of pictures, then the middle of the group needs to be at eye level.

In places where you will be mainly sitting down, like the lounge or dining room, then you can hang them even lower as your eye height will be lower.

A bugbear of mine is seeing a small piece of art all on it’s own on a large wall where just looks, well, very lonely. Consider hanging it in a smaller space, above a piece of furniture (roughly one hand width above) or with other art to keep it company. Rather than spreading your art in isolation around the house, it will have more impact if you hang a group together, like a large piece with a couple of smaller works to balance it out.

A precise grid pattern can work really well although I personally prefer mixing different styles of art and frames because I find it more interesting. I don’t do regimented, however that’s just my preference. Don’t be afraid to experiment though and move your art around the house, leaning it against the wall for a while or having a long suffering family member hold it up in the places you are considering before committing. This how galleries hang art for exhibitions, by placing it on the floor where they think it will work best, then reviewing before moving the art onto the wall. That said, even after it has been hung I often change my mind, especially when I decide to move the furniture (which is often) and really, what’s so hard about filling a couple holes and dabbing some paint on the wall to cover your tracks? So be brave, I say and be thankful for Gibbed walls!

In a perfect world you would fall in love with the art you choose and enjoy seeing it again and again in your house. In reality we have art we bought 20 years ago that we now looked at and wondered what the hell we where thinking. The perfect thing about our art prints is that they are affordable enough to change should you fall out of love (oh surely not).

Finally, don’t be afraid to hang a contemporary piece of art in an old villa, a retro design in a modern apartment or putting a print on a wall with busy wallpaper. If you like it then go for it. It’s your home. The best test you have got it right? It will make you smile!

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